Production Sound Services and Equipment Rental for Film and TV Productions – Tokyo, Japan

We are a Tokyo-based location audio services, on-set production sound mixing, and sound equipment rental company for film, commercial, documentary, and television productions.

We specialize in on-location multitrack timecode recording for productions any size: from high end commercial and multi-camera episodic productions to reality style run-and-gun, documentary, and talking head interview shoots throughout Japan and East Asia. We are experienced in demanding wireless audio setups and dealing with difficult audio challenges.




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Over 18 years experience in recording film and television production audio, for numerous networks and companies.


  • Production sound mixing and location recording for commercial, documentary, episodic, and reality shoots
  • Cart-based audio equipment rigs, as well as ENG audio rigs
  • Post-production mixing – final mix, dialog edit and repair
  • Timecode music and click-track playback for music videos and commercials
  • Japanese/English transcription, translation, and dubbing services


We have a wide variety of location sound equipment available for taking on projects any size: Sound Devices 888, 633, and 744T multitrack recorders, Lectrosonics digital miniature talent wireless, Lectrosonics IFBs, antenna distribution systems, location microphones, timecode slates, lockit boxes, wireless camera hop systems, Phonak in-ear wireless cuing "ear-wigs", ORTF stereo mics, and more.


Mariel Manuel Lohninger (Credits [PDF] / IMDb) is GK Tokyo Crew owner and experienced location audio engineer who's worked throughout Asia, the United States, and Europe for over 20 years. Skilled in overseeing difficult audio situations and complex multi-camera shoots with high wireless transmitter count coordination, he's worked on numerous television shoots, commercial productions, and feature films. He speaks English, German, conversational Japanese and French.


Recent credits include:


Apple TV+ (US) Twenty First City (JP) Platform One (US)

Sound Mixer



MGM (US) Paramount (US) Twenty First City (JP)

Sound Mixer 2nd unit


WAFFLES + MOCHIE (Series) 2021

Higher Ground (US) Netflix (US)

Sound Mixer




Sound Mixer


Naomi osaka (documentary) 2020


Sound Mixer


Toyota Touch (CM) 2019

Reset (US) Saatchi & Saatchi (US) Twenty First City (JP)

Sound Mixer


Champion 100 (CM) 2019

Lisbon Studio (UK) Exposure (UK)

Sound Mixer


Queer Eye: We're in Japan! (Series) 2019

Netflix (US) ITV (US) Twenty First City (JP)

Sound Supervisor


High score (Documentary SERIES) 2019

Netflix (US) Great Big Story (US)

Sound Mixer


Katie Couric x SK-II / Timelines Tokyo (CM) 2019

RadicalMedia (US) Forsmen & Bodenfore (US) TFC (JP)

Sound Mixer


Tiger Beer / YUUki (CM) 2019

Cutters Studios (JP) The Lab Agency (Singapore)

Sound Mixer


Kid Cudi & Nigo - Cover & Closet (Series) 2019

Complex Media (US)

Sound Mixer


Secret Filipino Files | Stranger Things 3 (Series) 2019

Netflix (Singapore)

Sound Mixer


Travel Fan in Japan (content Series) 2019

ITV (UK) HKX Productions (UK) Havas (JP)

Sound Mixer


Delta / Close the Gap (CM) 2018

Wieden + Kennedy (US) SMUGGLER (US) Twenty First City (JP)

Sound Mixer


Prada Invites: Kazuyo Sejima (CM) 2018

April Studio (Italy) OMA*AMO (Italy)

Sound Mixer


El último dragón (Drama) 2018

W Studios (US) Lemon Studios (Mexico)

Sound Mixer


The Teleflora Table (CM) 2018

Twenty First City (Japan) Wonderful Co. (US) UNIT 9 Films (US)

Sound Mixer

Planet Child (Documentary series) 2018

ITV (UK) The Garden Productions (UK)

Sound Mixer


Sono Sion's 愛なき森で叫べ Marketing (CM) 2018

Netflix (Japan)  / Toboggan (Japan)

Sound Mixer


Godfather of Sole (Documentary) 2018

GOS LLC (US)  / Chikkimedia (Japan)  / ASICS (Japan)

Sound Mixer


NIKE FA18 Running Turbo (CM) 2018

Nike (Japan) Iinomedia (Japan)

Sound Mixer


Sounds Like Friday Night (TV) 2018

BBC One (UK) / Fulwell 73 (UK)

Sound Mixer


Yahoo! Japan Update (CM) 2018

dictionary films (Tokyo) / HAKUHODO (Tokyo)
Sound Mixer


YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 (CM) 2017

Portal A (USA) / Chikkimedia (Japan)

Sound Mixer


Porsche – Slow Down to Speed Up (CM) 2017

BEE Film GMBh (Germany) Iinomedia (Japan)

Sound Mixer


Seiji Ozawa - Retour au Japon (Documentary) 2017

ARTE (France) / Camera Lucida (France)

Sound Mixer


ペアーズ PAIRS (CM) 2017

dictionary films (Tokyo) / Geometry Global (Tokyo)

Sound Mixer


Exaltation / Dancing for the Gods (Documentary) 2017

Exaltation Productions (US) / FF TOHO (Japan)

Sound Mixer

Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream (Series) 2017
Maker Studios (Singapore) / Globe Studios (Philippines) / Disney
Sound Mixer
DIESEL Make Love Not Walls (CM) 2017
dictionary films (Tokyo) / Geometry Global (Tokyo) / AOI Pro. (Tokyo)
Sound Mixer
Apple iPhone 7 Running Man (CM) 2016

stink – Jones + Tino (LA) | Twenty First City (Tokyo)

Sound Mixer


SKII Face The Wild (CM) 2016

National Geographic | FOX International

Sound Mixer


UNIQLO Why Do We Get Dressed (CM) 2016

Totem House (Los Angeles) | DROGA5 (New York) | Twenty First City (Tokyo)

Sound Mixer



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