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Film & TV Location Sound Services and Rental, Tokyo Japan

We are a Tokyo-based location audio services, production sound mixing, and location audio rental company for film, commercials, and ENG television productions.

We specialize in on-location production sound recording and mixing for film and video projects any size: multi-track time-code audio recording with multi-camera setups, from high end commercial and episodic productions to reality television style run-and-gun, documentary, and talking head interviews throughout Japan and East Asia – highly experienced in high-count wireless audio setups in tricky situations and dealing with difficult audio challenges.




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phone +81 (0) 80 8700 6164




G.K. Tokyo Crew

#101 1-10-2 Chuocho

Meguro, Tokyo 152-0001


Four stops from Shibuya, Tokyo Crew is accessible within a 10 minute walk via Gakugei-Daigaku station.


We have over 20 years experience in film and television production audio, and with most major channels and companies.


  • Production sound mixing and location recording for commercials, documentaries, episodic, ENG, and reality shoots
  • Cart-based audio equipment rigs, as well as ENG audio rigs
  • High-count wireless frequency coordination
  • Timecode playback and click-track playback
  • Timecode-stamped MP3 transcription recordings
  • Stereo OTRF audio capture
  • Japanese/English translation and dubbing, video production services


We have a wide variety of location sound equipment available for taking on projects any size: Sound Devices 688 and 633 time-code recorders, Lectrosonics digital hybrid miniature talent wireless, Lectrosonics IFBs, Comteks, antenna distribution systems, location microphones, timecode slates, lockit boxes, wireless camera hops, hidden in-ear wireless cuing "ear-wigs", stereo mics, and more.


Mariel Manuel Lohninger (IMDb) is G.K. Tokyo Crew owner and experienced location audio engineer who's worked throughout Asia, the United States, and Europe for over 15 years. Skilled in overseeing difficult audio situations and complex multi-camera shoots with high wireless transmitter count coordination, he's worked on numerous television shoots, commercial productions, and feature films. He speaks English, German, conversational French and Japanese.


Some of his recent credits include:

YouTube Rewind “Slime” (CM) 2017

Portal A (USA) / Chikkimedia (Japan)

Sound Mixer


Porsche “Slow Down to Speed Up” (CM) 2017

BEE Film GMBh (Germany) Iinomedia (Japan)

Sound Mixer


CNN / MOFA (Spots) 2017

Lonelyleap (UK) CNN (Japan)

Sound Mixer


Daily Planet Tokyo Motor Show (Program) 2017

Discovery Channel (Canada) / Exploration Production (Canada)

Sound Mixer


Untitled Ozawa Seiji (Documentary) 2017

ARTE (France) / Camera Lucida (France)

Sound Mixer


Holiday Inn Senses Experience Osaka (Commercial) 2017

Maker Studios (Singapore)

Sound Mixer


PAIRS (Commercial) 2017

dictionary films (Tokyo) / Geometry Global (Tokyo)

Sound Mixer


Exaltation / Dancing for the Gods (Documentary) 2017

Exaltation Productions (US) / FF TOHO (Japan)

Sound Mixer


Oracle Code Japan Tour (Video) 2017

doctored pictures (US) / Oracle

Sound Mixer


Yahoo! Japan Update (Commercial) 2017

dictionary films (Tokyo) / HAKUHODO (Tokyo)

Sound Mixer


Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream (Series) 2017

Maker Studios (Singapore) / Globe Studios (Philippines) / Disney

Sound Mixer


DIESEL Make Love Not Walls (Commercial) 2017

dictionary films (Tokyo) / Geometry Global (Tokyo) / AOI Pro. (Tokyo)

Sound Mixer

Panasonic Clothing Steamer (Commercial) 2017
WAG, INC (Tokyo)
Sound Mixer
Farfetch Gucci 90 Minutes (Commercial) 2017
Prettybird (London) / Filmsnoir (Tokyo)
Sound Mixer
Apple iPhone 7 Running Man (Commercial) 2016

stink – Jones + Tino (LA) | Twenty First City (Tokyo)

Sound Engineer


SKII Face The Wild (Commercial) 2016

National Geographic | FOX International

Sound Mixer
Imagraphy: Hiroji Kubota (Documentary) 2016
Mt Melvil
Sound Mixer


UNIQLO Why Do We Get Dressed (Commercial) 2016

Totem House (Los Angeles) | DROGA5 (New York) | Twenty First City (Tokyo)

Sound Mixer


Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garçons (Interview) 2016

New York Times

Sound Mixer


BVLGARI Avrora: Hikari & Hanae Mori (Interview) 2016

Empire Entertainment | BVLGARI

Sound Mixer


BVLGARI Avrora: Yoko Narahashi & Amon Miyamoto, Kuranaga Misa, Y. Shuto (Interview) 2016

Empire Entertainment | BVLGARI

Sound Mixer


BVLGARI Avrora: Ringo Shiina, Kaori Momoi, Christel Takigawa, Hiromi Uehara (Interview) 2016

Empire Entertainment | BVLGARI

Sound Mixer


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